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Reliable Paper Surface Treatments for the Development of Inkjet-Printed Electrochemical Sensors

Zea M, Moya A, Villa R, Gabriel G
Advanced Materials Interfaces (2022) 2200371

The advantages of mapping slow brain potentials using DC-coupled graphene micro-transistors: Clinical and translational applications

Wykes RC, Masvidal-Codina E, Guimerà-Brunet A, Garrido JA
Clinical and Tanslational Medicine 12 (2022) e968

Single and Multisite Graphene‐Based Electroretinography Recording Electrodes: A Benchmarking Study

de la Cruz J, Nguyen D, Illa X, Bousquet J, Pérez‐Marín AP, del Corro E, Picaud S, Garrido JA, Hebert C
Advanced Materials Technologies 7 (2022) 2101181

Bidirectional Modulation of Neuronal Cells Electrical and Mechanical Properties Through Pristine and Functionalized Graphene Substrates

Zummo F, Esposito P, Hou H, Wetzl C, Rius G, Tkatchenko, Guimera A, Godignon P, Prato M, Prats-Alfonso E, Criado A, Scaini D
Frontiers in Neuroscience 15 (2022) 811348

Full-bandwidth electrophysiology of seizures and epileptiform activity enabled by flexible graphene microtransistor depth neural probes

Bonaccini Calia A, Masvidal-Codina E, Smith TM, Schäfer N, Rathore D, Rodríguez-Lucas E, Illa X, De la Cruz JM, Del Corro E, Prats-Alfonso E, Viana D, Bousquet J, Hébert C, Martínez-Aguilar J, Sperling JR, Drummond M, Halder A, Dodd A, Barr K, Savage S, Fornell J, Sort J, Guger C, Villa R, Kostarelos K, Wykes RC, Guimerà-Brunet A, Garrido JA
Nature Nanotechnology 17 (2022) 301-309

Direct Color Observation of Light‐Driven Molecular Conformation‐Induced Stress

Pujol‐Vila F, Escudero P, Güell‐Grau P, Pascual‐Izarra C, Villa R, Alvarez M
Small Methods 6 (2022) 2101283

Elastic plasmonic‐enhanced Fabry‐Perot cavities with ultrasensitive stretching tunability

Güell‐Grau P, Pi F, Villa R, Eskilson O, Aili D, Nogués J, Sepúlveda B, Alvarez M
Advanced Materials 34 (2022) 2106731

Novel transducers for high-channel-count neuroelectronic recording interfaces

Guimerà-Brunet A, Masvidal-Codina E, Cisneros-Fernández J, Serra-Graells F, Garrido JA
Current Opinion in Biotechnology 72 (2021) 39-47

Mechanochromic Detection for Soft Opto-Magnetic Actuators

Güell-Grau P, Escudero P, Perdikos FG, López-Barbera JF, Pascual-Izarra C, Villa R, Nogués J, Sepúlveda B, Alvarez M
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (2021) 47871-47881

A 1024-Channel 10-bit 36-W/ch CMOS ROIC for Multiplexed GFET-Only Sensor Arrays in Brain Mapping

Cisneros-Fernandez J, Garcia-Cortadella R, Illa X, Martinez-Aguilar J, Paetzold J, Mohrlok R, Kurnoth M, Jeschke C, Teres L, Garrido JA, Guimera-Brunet A, Serra-Graells F
IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Circuits and Systems 15 (2021) 860-876

Specially Designed Polyaniline/Polypyrrole Ink for a Fully Printed Highly Sensitive pH Microsensor

Zea M, Texidó R, Villa R, Borrós S, Gabriel G
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (2021) 33524-33535

Fully Inkjet-Printed Biosensors Fabricated with a Highly Stable Ink Based on Carbon Nanotubes and Enzyme-Functionalized Nanoparticles

Mass M, Veiga LS, Garate O, Longinotti G, Moya A, Ramón E, Villa R, Ybarra G, Gabriel G
Nanomaterials 11 (2021) 1645

Ultrabroadband light absorbing Fe/polymer flexible metamaterial for soft opto-mechanical devices

Güell-Grau P, Pi F, Villa R, Nogués J, Alvarez M, Sepúlveda B
Applied Materials Today 23 (2021) 101052

Characterization of optogenetically-induced cortical spreading depression in awake mice using graphene micro-transistor arrays

Masvidal-Codina E, Smith TM, Rathore D, Gao Y, Illa X, Prats-Alfonso E, Del Corro E, Bonaccini Calia A, Rius G, Martin-Fernandez I, Guger C, Reitner P, Villa R, Garrido JA, Guimerà-Brunet A, Wykes RC
Journal of Neural Engineering 18 (2021) 055002

Engineering Tissue Barrier Models on Hydrogel Microfluidic Platforms

Vera D, García-Díaz M, Torras N, Álvarez M, Villa R, Martinez E
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 13 (2021) 13920–13933

Gut-on-a-chip: Mimicking and monitoring the human intestine

Marrero D, Pujol-Vila F, Vera D, Gabriel G, Illa X, Elizalde-Torrent A, Alvarez M, Villa R
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 181 (2021) 113156

Novel Graphene Electrode for Retinal Implants: An in vivo Biocompatibility Study

Nguyen D, Valet M, Dégardin J, Boucherit L, Illa X, de la Cruz J, del Corro E, Bousquet J, Garrido JA, Hébert C and Picaud S
Frontiers in Neuroscience 15 (2021) 615256

Graphene active sensor arrays for long-term and wireless mapping of wide frequency band epicortical brain activity

Garcia-Cortadella R, Schwesig G, Jeschke C, Illa X, Gray AL, Savage S, Stamatidou E, Schiessl I, Masvidal-Codina E, Kostarelos K, Guimerà-Brunet A, Sirota A, Garrido JA
Nature Communications 12 (2021) 211

Bias dependent variability of low-frequency noise in single-layer graphene FETs

Mavredakis N, Garcia Cortadella R, Illa X, Schaefer N, Bonaccini Calia A, Guimerà Brunet A, Garrido JA, Jiménez D
Nanoscale Advances 2 (2020) 5450

Electrochemical sensors for cortisol detections: almost there

Zea M, Bellagambi FG, Ben Halima H, Zine N, Jaffrezic-Renault N, Villa R, Gabriel G, Errachid A
TrAC Trends in Analytical Chemistry 132 (2020) 116058

Coupling dissolved oxygen microsensors measurements and heterogeneous respirometry for monitoring and modeling microbial activity within sulfide-oxidizing biofilms

Guimerà X, Mora M, López LR, Gabriel G, Dorado AD, Lafuente J, Gamisans X, Gabriel D
Chemical Engineering Journal 400 (2020) 128546

Effect of channel thickness on noise in organic electrochemical transistors

Polyravas AG, Schaefer N, Curto VF, Bonaccini Calia A, Guimera-Brunet A, Garrido JA, Malliaras GG
Applied Physics Letters 117 (2020) 073302

Nanomechanical Sensors as a Tool for Bacteria Detection and Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing

Pujol-Vila F, Villa R, Alvarez M
Frontiers in Mechanical Engineering 6 (2020) 44

Improved metal-graphene contacts for low-noise, high-density microtransistor arrays for neural sensing

Schaefer N, Garcia-Cortadella R, Bonaccini Calia A, Mavredakis N, Illa X, Masvidal-Codina E, de la Cruz J, del Corro E, Rodríguez L, Prats-Alfonso E, Bousquet J, Martínez-Aguilar J, Pérez-Marín AP, Hébert C, Villa R, Jiménez D, Guimerà-Brunet A, Garrido JA
Carbon 161 (2020) 647-655

Multiplexed Neural Sensor Array of Graphene Solution-Gated Field-Effect Transistors

Schaefer N, Garcia-Cortadella R, Martínez-Aguilar J, Schwesig G, Illa X, Moya Lara A, Santiago S, Hébert C, Guirado G, Villa R, Sirota A, Guimerà-Brunet A, Garrido JA
2D Materials 7 (2020) 025046

Distortion‐Free Sensing of Neural Activity Using Graphene Transistors

Garcia-Cortadella R, Masvidal-Codina E, de la Cruz J, Schaefer N, Schwesig G, Jeschke C, Martínez-Aguilar J, Sánchez-Vives MV, Villa R, Illa X, Sirota A, Guimerà-Brunet A, Garrido JA
Small 16 (2020) 1906640

Switchless Multiplexing of Graphene Active Sensor Arrays for Brain Mapping

Garcia-Cortadella R, Schaefer N, Cisneros-Fernández J, Re L, Illa X, Schwesig, Moya-Lara A, Villa R, Santiago S, Guirado G, Villa R, Sirota A, Serra-Graells F, Garrido JA, Guimerà-Brunet A
Nano Letters 20 (2020) 3528-3537

High-resolution mapping of infraslow cortical brain activity enabled by graphene microtransistors

Masvidal-Codina E, Illa X, Dasilva M, Bonaccini Calia A, Dragojević T, Vidal-Rosas EE, Prats-Alfonso E, Martínez-Aguilar J, De la Cruz JM, Garcia-Cortadella R, Godignon P, Rius G, Camassa A, Del Corro E, Bousquet J, Hébert C, Durduran T, Villa R, Sanchez-Vives MV, Garrido JA, Guimerà-Brunet A
Nature Materials 18 (2019) 280-288

Stable Full Inkjet-Printed Solid-State Ag/AgCl Reference Electrode

Moya A, Pol R, Martínez-Cuadrado A, Villa R, Gabriel G, Baeza M
Analytical Chemistry 91 (2019) 15539-15546

Slow Waves in Cortical Slices: How Spontaneous Activity is Shaped by Laminar Structure

Capone C, Rebollo B, Muñoz A, Illa X, Del Giudice P, Sanchez-Vives MV, Mattia M
Cerebral Cortex 29 (2019) 319-335

A Minimally Invasive Microsensor Specially Designed for Simultaneous Dissolved Oxygen and pH Biofilm Profiling

Guimerà X, Moya A, Dorado AD, Illa X, Villa R, Gabriel D, Gamisans X, Gabriel G
Sensors 19 (2019) 4747

Impact of contact overlap on transconductance and noise in organic electrochemical transistors

Polyravas AG, Curto VF, Schaefer N, Bonaccini Calia A, Guimera-Brunet A, Garrido JA, Malliaras GG
Flexible and Printed Electronics 4 (2019) 044003

3D printed polyamide macroencapsulation devices combined with alginate hydrogels for insulin-producing cell-based therapies

Espona-Noguera A, Ciriza J, Cañibano-Hernández A, Villa R, Saenz del Burgo L, Álvarez M, Pedraz JL
International Journal of Pharmaceutics 566 (2019) 604-614

Electrochromic biosensors based on screen-printed Prussian Blue electrodes

Aller Pellitero M, Fremeau J, Villa R, Villa R, Guirado G, Lakard B, Hihn JY, del Campo FJ
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 290 (2019) 591-597

Electrochromic sensors: Innovative devices enabled by spectroelectrochemical methods

Aller Pellitero M, del Campo FJ
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 15 (2019) 66-72

Screen‐Printable Electrochromic Polymer Inks and Ion Gel Electrolytes for the Design of Low‐Power, Flexible Electrochromic Devices

Santiago S, Aller Pellitero M, del Campo FJ, Guirado G
Electroanalysis 31 (2019) 1664-1671

Enhanced performance stability of iridium oxide based pH sensors fabricated on rough inkjet-printed platinum

Zea M, Moya A, Fritsch M, Ramon E, Villa R, Gabriel G
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 11 (2019) 15160-15169

Color tunable pressure sensors based on polymer nanostructured membranes for optofluidic applications

Escudero P, Yeste J, Pascual-Izarra C, Villa R, Álvarez M
Sceintific Reports 9 (2019) 3259

Versatile Graphene-Based Platform for Robust Nanobiohybrid Interfaces

Bueno R, Marciello M, Moreno M, Sánchez-Sánchez C , Martinez JI, Martinez L, Prats-Alfonso E, Guimerà-Brunet A, Garrido JA, Villa R, Mompean F, García-Hernandez M, Huttel Y, Morales M, Briones C, López MF, Ellis GJ, Vázquez L, Martín-Gago JA
ACS Omega 4 (2019) 3287-3297

CMOS Interfaces for Internet-of-Wearables Electrochemical Sensors: Trends and Challenges

Dei M, Aymerich J, Piotto M, Bruschi P, del Campo FJ, Serra-Graells F
Electronics 8 (2019) 150

Nanoengineered biomaterials for liver regeneration

Ortega M, Yeste J, Villa R, Gracia-Sancho J
Nanoengineered Biomaterials for Regenerative Medicine. Elsevier, 2019. ISBN 9780128133552

Flexible Graphene Solution-Gated Field-Effect Transistors: Efficient Transducers for Micro-Electrocorticography

Hébert C, Masvidal‐Codina E, Suarez‐Perez A, Bonaccini Calia A, Piret G, Garcia‐Cortadella R, Illa X, Del Corro Garcia E, De la Cruz Sanchez JM, Viana Casals D, Prats‐Alfonso E, Bousquet J, Godignon P, Yvert B, Villa R, Sanchez‐Vives MV, Guimerà‐Brunet A, Garrido JA
Advanced Functional Materials 28 (2018) 1703976

A compartmentalized microfluidic chip with crisscross microgrooves and electrophysiological electrodes for modeling the blood–retinal barrier

Yeste J, García-Ramírez M, Illa X, Guimerà A, Hernández C, Simó R, Villa R
Lab on a Chip 18 (2018) 95-105

Online oxygen monitoring using integrated inkjet-printed sensors in a Liver-On-a-Chip system

Moya A, Ortega-Ribera M, Guimerà X, Sowade E, Zea M, Illa X, Ramon E, Villa R, Gracia-Sancho J, Gabriel G
Lab on a Chip (2018) 2023-2035

Engineering and monitoring cellular barrier models

Yeste J, Illa X, Álvarez M, Villa R
Journal of Biological Engineering (2018) 12:18

Resemblance of the human liver sinusoid in a fluidic device with biomedical and pharmaceutical applications

Ortega-Ribera M, Fernández-Iglesias A, Illa X, Moya A, Molina V, Maeso-Díaz R, Fondevila C, Peralta C, Bosch J, Villa R, Gracia-Sancho J
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 115 (2018) 2585-2594

A perfusion chamber for monitoring transepithelial NaCl transport in an in vitro model of the renal tubule

Yeste J, Martínez-Gimeno L, Illa X, Laborda P, Guimerà A, Sánchez-Marín JP, Villa R, Giménez I
Biotechnology and Bioengineering 115 (2018) 1604-1613

Quantification of signal-to-noise ratio in cerebral cortex recordings using flexible MEAs with co-localized platinum black, carbon nanotubes and gold electrodes

Suarez-Perez A, Gabriel G, Rebollo B, Illa X, Guimerà-Brunet A, Hernández-Ferrer J, Martínez MT, Villa R, Sanchez-Vives MV
Frontiers in Neuroscience 12 (2018) 862

Antimony tin oxide (ATO) screen-printed electrodes and their application to spectroelectrochemistry

Aller Pellitero M, Colina A, Villa R, del Campo FJ
Electrochemistry Communications 93 (2018) 123-127

3D Printed porous polyamide macrocapsule combined with alginate microcapsules for safer cell-based therapies

Saenz del Burgo L, Ciriza J, Espona-Noguera A, Illa X, Cabruja E, Orive G, Hernández RM, Villa R, Pedraz JL, Álvarez M
Scientific Reports 8 (2018) 8512

Inkjet printed flexible non-enzymatic glucose sensor for tear fluid analysis

Romeo A, Moya A, Leung TS, Gabriel G, Villa R, Sánchez S
Applied Materials Today 10 (2018) 133-141

iR-Drop Effects in Self-Powered and Electrochromic Biosensors

Aller Pellitero M, Guimerà A, Villa R, del Campo FJ
Journal of Physical Chemistry C 122 (2018) 2596-2607

Miniaturized multiparametric flexible platform for the simultaneous monitoring of ionic compounds: Application in real urine

Moya A, Illa X, Gimenez I, Lazo-Fernandez Y, Villa R, Errachid A, Gabriel G
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 255 (2018) 2861-2870

Characterization of an encapsulated insulin secreting human pancreatic beta cell line in a modular microfluidic device

Acarregui A, Ciriza J, Saenz del Burgo L, Gurruchaga H, Yeste J, Illa X, Orive G, Hernández RM, Villa R, Pedraz JL
Journal of Drug Targeting 26 (2018) 39-44

Quantitative self-powered electrochromic biosensors

Aller Pellitero M, Guimerà A, Kitsara M, Villa R, Rubio C, Lakard B, Doche ML, Hihn JY, del Campo FJ
Chemical Science 8 (2017) 1995-2002

Mapping brain activity with flexible graphene micro-transistors

Blaschke BM, Tort-Colet N, Guimerà-Brunet A, Weinert J, Rousseau L, Heimann A, Drieschner S, Kempski O, Villa R, Sanchez-Vives MV, Garrido JA
2D Materials 4 (2017) 025040

Inkjet-printed sulfide-selective electrode

Pol R, Moya A, Gabriel G, Gabriel D, Cespedes F, Baeza M
Analytical Chemistry 89 (2017) 12231-12236

Inkjet-printed electrochemical sensors

Moya A, Gabriel G, Villa R, del Campo FJ
Current Opinion in Electrochemistry 3 (2017) 29-39

Bistability, Causality, and Complexity in Cortical Networks: An in Vitro Perturbational Study

D'Andola M, Rebollo B, Casali AG, Weinert JF, Pigorini A, Villa R, Massimini M, Sanchez-Vives MV
Cerebral Cortex 28 (2017) 2233-2242

Frequency Response of Electrolyte-gated Graphene Electrodes and Transistors

Drieschner S, Guimerà A, Cortadella RG, Viana D, Makrygiannis E, Blaschke B, Vieten J, Garrido JA
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 50 (2017) 095304

Inkjet-printed dissolved oxygen and pH sensors on flexible plastic substrates

Moya A, Zea M, Sowade E, Villa R, Ramon E, Baumann RR, Gabriel G
Proceedings SPIE 10246, Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS VIII, 102460F (2017)

Low cost nanomechanical surfaces stress based sensors fabricated by hybrid materials

Escudero P, Yeste J, Villa R, Álvarez M
Proceedings SPIE 10246, Smart Sensors, Actuators, and MEMS VIII, 102460P (2017)

All-inkjet-printed dissolved oxygen sensors on flexible plastic substrates

Moya A, Sowade E, del Campo FJ, Mitra KY, Ramon E, Villa R, Baumann RR, Gabriel G
Organic Electronics 39 (2016) 168-176

Geometric correction factor for transepithelial electrical resistance measurements in transwell and microfluidic cell cultures

Yeste J, Illa X, Gutiérrez C, Solé M, Guimerà A, Villa R
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 49 (2016) 375401

Dynamic characterization of external and internal mass transport in heterotrophic biofilms from microsensors measurements

Guimerà X, Dorado AD, Bonsfills A, Gabriel G, Gabriel D, Gamisans X
Water Research 102 (2016) 551-560

Spontaneous formation of spiral-like patterns with distinct periodic physical properties by confined electrodeposition of Co-In disks

Golvano-Escobal I, Gonzalez-Rosillo JC, Domingo N, Illa X, López-Barberá JF, Fornell J, Solsona P, Aballe L, Foerster M, Suriñach S, Baró MD, Puig T, Pané S, Nogués J, Pellicer E, Sort J
Scientific Reports 6 (2016) 30398

Key Points for Transferring Graphene Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition

Prats-Alfonso E, Godognon P, Villa R, Gabriel G
Graphene Science Handbook: Fabrication Methods. CRC Press, 2016. ISBN 9781466591271

Development of Microelectrode-based Biosensors for Biomedical Analysis

Guimera A, Prats-Alfonso E, Villa R, del Campo J
Electrochemical Strategies in Detection Science. The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2016. ISBN 978-1-78262-252-9

Effect of surface conductivity on the sensitivity of interdigitated impedimetric sensors and their design considerations

Guimerà A, Gabriel G, Prats-Alfonso, E, Abramova N, Bratov A, Villa R
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 207 (2015) 1010-1018

Profiling of oxygen in biofilms using individually addressable disk microelectrodes on a microfabricated needle

Moya A, Guimerà X, del Campo FJ, Prats-Alfonso E, Dorado AD, Baeza M, Villa R, Gabriel D, Gamisans X, Gabriel G
Microchimica Acta 182 (2015) 985-993

Simultaneous monitoring of Staphylococcus aureus growth in a multi-parametric microfluidic platform using microscopy and impedance spectroscopy

Estrada-Leypon O, Moya A, Guimera A, Gabriel G, Sanchez B, Agut M, Borros S
Bioelectrochemistry 105 (2015) 56–64

Biofilm dynamics characterization using a novel DO-MEA sensor: mass transport and biokinetics

Guimerà X, Moya A, Dorado AD, Villa R, Gabriel D, Gabriel G, Gamisans X
Applied Microbiology & Biotechnology 99 (2015) 55-66

A SU-8 based flexible microprobe for close and distal recordings from the cortical network

Illa X, Rebollo B, Gabriel G, Sanchez-Vives MV, Villa R
Proceedings SPIE 9518, Bio-MEMS and Medical Microdevices II, 951803

A novel strategy to monitor microfluidic in-vitro blood brain barrier models using impedance spectroscopy

Yeste J, Illa X, Guimerà A, Villa R
Proceedings SPIE 9518, Bio-MEMS and Medical Microdevices II, 95180N

A Novel Modular Bioreactor to In Vitro Study the Hepatic Sinusoid

Illa X, Vila S, Yeste J, Peralta C, Gracia-Sancho J, Villa R
Plos One 9 (2014) e111864

New trends in quantitative assessment of the corneal barrier function

Guimerà A, Illa X, Traver E, Herrero C, Maldonado MJ, Villa R
Sensors 14 (2014) 8718-8727

Development of a three-dimensional cell culture system based on microfluidics for nuclear magnetic resonance and optical monitoring

Esteve V, Berganzo J, Monge R, Martínez-Bisbal MC, Villa R, Celda B, Fernandez L
Biomicrofluidics 8 (2014) 064105

Determination of heterogeneous electron transfer rate constants at interdigitated nanoband electrodes fabricated by an optical mix-and-match process

del Campo FJ, Abad L, Illa X, Prats-Alfonso E, Borrisé X, Cirera JM, Bai HY, Tsai YC
Sensors and Actuators B: Chemical 194 (2014) 86–95

Comparison of the effects of the repetition rate between microsecond and nanosecond pulses: Electropermeabilization-induced electro-desensitization?

Silve A, Guimerà A, Al-Sakere B, Ivorra A, Mir LM
Biochimica et Biophysica Acta 1840 (2014) 2139–2151

Flexible Polyimide Platform based on the Integration of Potentiometric Multi-sensor for Biomedical Applications

Moya A, Zine N, Illa X, Prats-Alfonso E, Gabriel G, Errachid A, Villa R
Procedia Engineering 87 (2014) 276–279

Biofilm Oxygen Profiling using an Array of Microelectrodes on a Microfabricated Needle

Moya A, Guimerà X, del Campo FJ, Prats-Alfonso E, Dorado AD, Baeza M, Villa R, Gabriel D, Gamisans X, Gabriel G
Procedia Engineering 87 (2014) 256-259

Flexible microfluidic bio-lab-on-a-chip multi-sensor platform for electrochemical measurements

Moya A, Illa X, Prats-Alfonso E, Zine N, Gabriel G, Errachid A, Villa R
SENSORS, 2014 IEEE 1018-1021

Flexible probe for in vivo quantification of corneal epithelium permeability through non-invasive tetrapolar impedance measurements

Guimerà A, Illa X, Traver E, Plata-Cordero M, Yeste J, Herrero C, Lagunas L, Maldonado MJ, Villa R
Biomedical Microdevices 15 (2013) 849-858

Iridium oxide pH sensor for biomedical applications. Case urea-urease in real urine samples

Prats-Alfonso E, Abad L, Casañ-Pastor N, Gonzalo-Ruiz J, Baldrich E
Biosensensors and Bioelectronics 39 (2013) 163-169

SU-8 based microprobes for simultaneous neural depth recording and drug delivery in the brain

Altuna A, Bellistri E, Cid E, Aivar P, Gal B, Berganzo J, Gabriel G, Guimerà A, Villa R, Fernandez LJ, Menendez de la Prida L
Lab on a Chip 13 (2013) 1422-1430

Multi-walled carbon nanotube based multi-electrode arrays for the detection of the emergent activity in the cortical network

Martin I, Gabriel G, Guimera A, Palomer X, Reig R, Sanchez-Vives MV, Villa R, Godignon P
Microelectronic Engineering 112 (2013) 14-20

In vivo assessment of corneal barrier function through non-invasive impedance measurements using a flexible probe

Guimera A, Illa X, Traver E, Marchan S, Herrero C, Lagunas C, Maldonado MJ, Ivorra A, Villa R
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 434 (2013) 012072

Carbon Nanotubes as Suitable Interface for Improving Neural Recordings

Gabriel G, Illa X, Guimera A, Rebollo B, Hernández-Ferrer J, Martin-Fernandez I, Martínez MT, Godignon P, Sanchez-Vives MV, Villa R
Physical and Chemical Properties of Carbon Nanotubes. InTech. ISBN 978-953-51-1002-6

Development of a novel microsensor for the study of oxygen profiles in biofilms

Guimerà X, Moya A, Prats-Alfonso E, Dorado AD, Villa R, Gamisans X, Gabriel D, Gabriel G
Biotechniques for Air Pollution Control & Bioenergy. Presses des Mines - Transvalor. ISBN 978-2-35671-058-1

Cancer Prognostics by Direct Detection of p53-Antibodies on Gold Surfaces by Impedance Measurements

Prats-Alfonso E, Sisquella X, Zine N, Gabriel G, Guimerà A, del Campo FJ, Villa R, Eisenberg AH, Mrksich M, Errachid A, Aguiló J, Albericio F
Small 8 (2012) 2106-21157

Non-invasive method for an in-vivo assessment of corneal epithelium permeability through tetrapolar impedance measurements

Guimerà A, Gabriel G, Plata M, Montero L, Maldonado MJ, Villa R.
Biosensensors and Bioelectronics 31 (2012) 55-61

A simple approach for DNA detection on carbon nanotube microelectrode arrays

Pacios M, Yilmaz N, Martín-Fernández I, Villa R, Godignon P, Del Valle M, Bartrolí J, Esplandiu MJ
Sensor and Actuators B 162 (2012) 120-127

SU-8 based microprobes with integrated planar electrodes for enhanced neural depth recording

Altuna A, Menéndez de la Prida L, Bellistri E, Gabriel G, Guimerá A, Berganzo J, Villa R, Fernández LJ
Biosensensors and Bioelectronics 37 (2012) 1-5

Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotubes for Microelectrode Arrays Applications

Castro Smirnov JR, Jover E, Amade R, Gabriel G, Villa R, Bertran E
Journal of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology 12 (2012) 6941-6947

Increasing biosensor response through hydrogel thin film deposition: Influence of hydrogel thickness

Montero L, Gabriel G, Guimerà G, Villa R, Gleason KK, Borrós S.
Vaccum 86 (2012) 2102-2104

Inhibition of Apaf-1 as a potential therapeutic strategy to improve corneal quality

Herrrero C, Marchan S, Traver E, Montava R, Orzaez M, Sancho M, Guimerà A, Villa R, Perez-Paya E, Lagunas C.
Acta Ophthalmologica, 90: 0 (2012)

Magnetic entrapment for fast, simple and reversible electrode modification with carbon nanotubes: Application to dopamine detection

Baldrich E, Gómez R, Gabriel G, Muñoz FX
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 26 (2011) 1876-1882

Non-invasive intraocular pressure monitoring with a contact lens engineered with a nanostructured polymeric sensing film

Laukhin V, Sánchez I, Moya A, Laukhina E, Martin R, Ussa F, Rovira C, Guimera A, Villa R, Aguiló J, Pastor JC, Veciana J.
Sensoror and Actuators B 170 (2011) 36-43

Discrete portable measuring device for monitoring noninvasive intraocular pressure with a nano-structured sensing contact lens prototype

Moya A, Guimera A, Sánchez I, Laukhin V, Martin R, Ussa F, Laukhina E, Rovira C, Veciana J, Pastor JC, Villa R, Aguiló J.
The International Journal of E-Health and Medical Communications 2 (2011) 1-19

Prototype of a nano-structured sensing contact lens for noninvasive intraocular pressure monitoring

Sánchez I, Laukhin V, Moya A, Ussa F, Laukhina E, Guimerà A, Villa R, Rovira C, Aguiló J, Veciana J, Pastor JC.
Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science 52 (2011) 8310-8315

Carbon Nanotubes as Suitable electrochemical Platforms for Metalloprotein Sensors and Genosensors

Pacios M, Martín-Fernández I, Villa R, Godignon P, Del Valle M, Bartrolí J and Esplandiu JM
Carbon Nanotubes. InTech. ISBN 978-953-307-566-2. 2011

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