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We are placed at the Barcelona Microelectronics Institute (IMB-CNM, CSIC) and we also belong to the CIBER-BBN. The group takes advantage of the technological capacities available at the Clean Room of the IMB-CNM in order to provide novel solutions to different biomedical applications. These solutions are mainly based on sensing solutions at different levels of biological organization, i.e. mollecules, cells and organs. As a consequence, the group works jointly with different biomedical research groups, from the theoretical analysis to the final clinical trials.

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Another collaboration with #nanbiosisexpertise of @GAB_BCN researchers #RosaVilla & #AntonGuimera (@CIBERBBN-@imb_cnm) on "#Brain, #mind & behaviour" @CSIC White Paper: topics 2nd & 8th .
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-Miércoles 12/05,14:00. @eli_prats, Investigadora 🔝del grupo @GAB_BCN en el @imb_cnm y divulgadora científica @BigVanCiencia. 🤣
-Jueves 13/05,16:00. Dra. Monica Martínez, Investigadora 🔝del grupo @DIOPMA_UB en @MaterialsUB @QuimicaUB . 🤣